"C’mon honey, Spill the tea…"

69 juicy questions to know yourself deeper
and express yourself harder


May cause brutally honest conversations, surprising revelations, and involuntary laughs that would make you blush.

Age range: 18+

2+ players

For those curious, cautious, excited or dumbfounded by sex & pleasure.


A cheeky game that’s a lil bit of nice and a whole lot of naughty. Simply leave your shame at the door and let’s lubricate the conversations about sex & pleasure.

Truth Cards

59 juicy questions to uncover personal truths with thought-provoking and hypothetical questions that you didn’t think to share with others, until now.

Dare Cards

10 spicy dares for when the truth is too hot to handle. Bring out your wildest side because like they say, “nothing risqued, nothing gained.”


A cheeky game that’s a lil bit of nice and a whole lot of naughty. Simply leave your shame at the door and let’s lubricate the conversations about sex & pleasure.


Great ‘foreplay’ tool

Great ‘foreplay’ tool Bought this to spice things up during date night with my partner, and wow, it really brought things to the next level! We had a blast playing the dare cards and shared some tender moments answering the questions. I am so using these cards as ‘foreplay’ for future date nights.


Creates a better connection with your partner

Creates a better connection with your partner Played this with my boyfriend and the cards really challenged our views towards intimacy with each other. I mean it’s something we’ve talked about but always only scratched the surface, the cards gave us a chance to build a little more connection and understanding with each other.



Obsessed! Feels good to engage in actual deep conversations with friends! Found out so much more about close friends that I’ve had for YEARS. Doesn’t hurt that it’s lots of fun to play!


To liberate the taboos around sex and pleasure.

Help initiate fun, NSFW conversations to deepen connections in a judgement-free zone

To empower people to own their pleasure on their own terms.


The fun doesn’t have to end after the tea is spilled. Turn up the heat with our parent brand Hedonist who’s got your back to explore your sexuality without apology.

Visit www.hedonisttribe.com and www.instagram.com/hedonisttribe.


  • Whether you have traditional values or are the kinkiest one among your friends, this social card game will bring people of all levels of understanding on sex & pleasure, closer together.
  • Learn how to have open conversations surrounding sex and pleasure
  • Develop deeper connections with your friends and partner as you exchange personal experiences on sex and all things pleasurable

Perfect for: Bachelorette Parties, Nights out, Nights in, Birthday Parties, Divorce Parties, Club Gatherings, Reunions, Bottomless Brunches, Airplanes, Dinner dates or wherever floats your boat

Well, it’s really simple. There are no hard and fast rules to playing the cards, simply pick a card from the deck and answer the first thing that comes to your mind or perform your dare. If that card proves to be too spicy for you, you have one lucky chance to switch it out for another. If you want to create your own forfeits it’s totally up to you (we know for a fact that an alcohol forfeit always adds to the fun).


For those who are shy, listening in on the conversations is also considered active participation. So don’t worry, you’re not left out, you can always chime in when your mojo starts to kick in!


We just have three important rules that you must abide by:

  1. Play with an open heart & open mind
  2. Respect the secrets shared
  3. Whatever happens in LGN stays in LGN


Be unapologetically you and have lots of fun! 🙂 

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