A matchmaker in card form

A matchmaker in card form Sometimes I choose a question from the deck and use it as my dating profile bio and it literally sifts out my matches for me. Pure magic!

Breaks the ice

Fun and meaningful It is honestly a gift that keeps on giving. You can ask the same question to different people and get a different discussion each time. Highly recommended! Can you imagine my excitement when my date outed that she has a secret sex drawer when we were playing? I most definitely sent her […]

Fun and meaningful

Fun and meaningful Lots of belly laughs and eye-opening moments when you play this game. It has led to hours of meaningful conversations and better connections with friends I’ve played with!


Obsessed! Feels good to engage in actual deep conversations with friends! Found out so much more about close friends that I’ve had for YEARS. Doesn’t hurt that it’s lots of fun to play!

Creates a better connection with your partner

Creates a better connection with your partner Played this with my boyfriend and the cards really challenged our views towards intimacy with each other. I mean it’s something we’ve talked about but always only scratched the surface, the cards gave us a chance to build a little more connection and understanding with each other.

Great ‘foreplay’ tool

Great ‘foreplay’ tool Bought this to spice things up during date night with my partner, and wow, it really brought things to the next level! We had a blast playing the dare cards and shared some tender moments answering the questions. I am so using these cards as ‘foreplay’ for future date nights.